A bunch of orange bikes and one V-Strom. DL650 adventure set-up DL650 adventure set-up DL650 adventure set-up
Billy Aller, Big Dog Veteran  and
Davis Service Center  of Montrose, Colorado present the
Suzuki DL650 V-Strom Adventure Touring  motorcycle.
Billy Aller has demonstrated exceptional skill in a number of motorcycle disciplines including motocross, desert racing and sport bikes. Recently, Billy has focused his talent on adventure touring motorcycles, especially the Suzuki DL650 V-Strom. Billy has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to take the DL650 over everything from Colorado high-mountain 4WD roads to Utah desert sand dunes. Many of the rides are long and remote, sometimes overnight. The DL650's comfort makes such rides reasonable, the big fuel tank and excellent fuel mileage make them possible.

Billy's reputation earned him an invitation to join the 2007 Big Dog Ride where he surprised, perhaps astonished, fellow Big Dog companions by conquering challenging high-mountain 4WD passes on His DL650 while they were mounted on the expected dual sport and adventure motorcycles. Granted, Billy's skill makes this possible where many might fail but it does challenge those who say the bike is not capable. Billy chose to do this with stock suspension, doing his part to dispel the myth the DL650 must have suspension upgrades for aggressive riding.

Billy does add a few accessories. One might say Billy is also an expert at setting up a DL650 for comfortable, off-pavement adventure with only what one needs to protect the bike, enhance traction and accommodate luggage and camping gear. Billy and Davis Service Center of Montrose, Colorado are now setting up new DL650 Adventure bikes for sale with the following proven products already mounted.

  • Performance: Continental TKC80 internationally tested rally tire. High levels of grip when used on or off-road. High cornering stability on soft terrain, with very good self-cleaning properties. Long service life.

  • Motorcycle protection: SW-Motech crash bars and aluminum skid plate. SW-Motech products are German made and offer excellent quality at reasonable cost.

  • Convenience: SW-Motech center stand. Arguably the best center stand available for the DL650. Makes chain maintenance and tire repair or replacement so much easier.

  • Luggage: SW-Motech quick-detach side racks with Pelican cases. The SW-Motech side racks can be removed in seconds with a screwdriver or perhaps a coin, making it reasonable to attach the Pelican cases directly to the racks without expensive, complicated hardware. Pelican cases are almost certainly the most rugged cases you can mount on a motorcycle yet, because they weren't designed specifically for motorcycles, cost about 1/2 to 1/3 what motorcycle-specific cases cost.

    And there you have it! A surprisingly competent, comfortable and reliable all-round adventure touring motorcycle for about half the cost of popular alternatives.

    —Verle Nelson, Cedaredge, Colorado, April 2008
  • Not your usual V-Strom road. DL650 adventure set-up DL650 adventure set-up DL650 adventure set-up
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